Paper Machines GENERAL

N.B. these items are listed in ascending order of width

SM2474 - 1,000mm Paper machine Mould and Vat former, speciality papers

SM24732 - 1,500mm PAPER MACHINE,  30-300gsm, Specialty grades filter & battery separator

SM2439 - 340tpd paper mill c/w 1x mm PM, single wire, 400m/min, 140tpd & 1 x mm PM, twin wire 200tpd

SM2112 - 1,500mm PAPER MACHINE, 2 ply, Coated, 15-300gsm, Specialty grades

SM0714 - 1,530mm PAPER MACHINE; SPEED 210 M/MIN; GRAMMAGE 70 TO 450 G/M²; 28 TPD


SM2023 - 1.700 mm PAPER MACHINE, Printing and wrapping papers 50 TPD  

SM2079 - 1,700mm Paper Machine, printing writing and brown paper, 17-35tpd, 140m/min, 50-285gsm. 

SM0515 - 1,700mm PAPER MACHINE Machine; 200GSM in good condition 

SM0858 1,700mm PAPAER MACHINE, Kraft & Sealing paper, 48-200gsm 

SM0864 -1,860mm, PAPER MACHINE, special papers, 60-400gsm, wire 2,050mm, drier section 2.9 bar

SM2007- 2,030MM PAPER MACHINE, printing & offset papers, wrapping papers, V=250m/min

SM2132 - 2,050MM PAPER MACHINE,  BOARD & PACKAGING GRADES 60-400gsm, 55tpd

SM2006 - 2,100mm trim Paper Machine white papers, 100-120 TPD

SM0749 - 2,200mm PAPER MACHINE Papcel office graphic paper 45tpd

SM0749 - 2,200mm PAPER MACHINE Papcel office graphic paper 45tpd 

SM0123 - 2,200mm PAPER MACHINE,Writing-Printing-Coated Papers, 50-80 Tpd

SM0852 - 2,200mm PAPER MACHINE 2,200MM TRIM, BMB 1975, rebuilt 2002 & 2004 by Voith

SM0214 - 2,300 PAPER MACHINE 70 Tpd

SM0786 - 2,300mm trimmed width PAPER MACHINE Printing & Writing, 160TPD

SM2016 - PAPER MACHINE,  2,350 mm Fluting 120 TPD


SM0687 - 2,400m PAPER MACHINE voith fluting/liner, 100-180 gsm, 120 tpd

SM0481 - 2,400mm PAPER MACHINE  Paper, 20 Tpd

SM0110 - 2,420mm  PAPER MACHINE Over Meccanica  for Liner-Fluting-Coreboard, 70 Tpd

SM0777 - 2,450mm TISSUE MACHINE, 37tpd.

SM0962 - 2,490mm, PAPER MACHINE, 1975, 350m/min, 60-200gsm, and 70tpd

SM2022 - PAPER MACHINE, 2,500 mm Writing & printing paper, 30-60 TPD

SM2021 - PAPER MACHINE, 2,500 mm Test-liner, 165 TPD

SM0713: 2,500mm PAPER MACHINE  75 Tpd; 100-200 gsm;Kraft, wrapping paper, corrugating medium using only recycled fiber

SM0740: 2,500mm trimmed width, PAPER MACHINE  Fampa, 200tpd fluting test liner 

SM0157: 2,510mm PAPER MACHINE Liner-Fluting - in operation, 83-105 Tpd

SM2318 - 2,521mm PAPER MACHINE, KRAFT - LINER, 425 m/min @ 120GSM, Up to 200gsm

SXI0008 - 2,528mm PAPER MACHINE, Valmet, one side coated paper, 800m/min, 40-120gsm. 

SM0866 - 2,550mm FINE PAPER MACHINE, Voith, 18-65gsm, tissue and cellulose papers, 100-300m/min, 17-25 tpd,


SM0956 - 2550mm, PAPER MACHINE, Voith, trim width 2550mm, Speed 100-300m/min, 18-85gsm

SM0823 - 2,580 PAPER MACHINE , 2,580mm trim 2510 mm, single wire, 105TPD Fluting 100 – 250 gsm

SM2015 - 2,600 mm PAPER MACHINE, Fluting 300 TPD

SM0882 - 2,600MM Tissue Machine Voith, 1984 (rebuilt 1996),17 to 45 g/m2, 400m/min

SM0763 - 2,600mm   BOARD MACHINE, 170 – 250 TPD, 2600 mm trim, (Six Voith formers + foudrinier)

SM0764 - 2,600mm   PAPER MACHINE 2,600MM TRIM Over Meccanica for packaging paper, corrugated medium, fluting, liner

SM0793 - 2,600mm TISSUE MACHINE 2600 mm Tissue Machine, 400m/min, 25-45GSM, 40 TPD

SM2317 - 2,616mm PAPER MACHINE, KRAFT - LINER, 365 m/min @ 120GSM, Up to 200gsm

SM0827 - 2,650 mm, PAPER MACHINE, Papcel, 300 m/min, 30-120 gsm, 200 l/sec , 10,000-28,000 TPY

SM0770 - 2,650mm BOARD MACHINE 2,650MM Trim, 5 Black Clawson Newport underfelt formers, 2950mm face

SMV0708 - 3,700mm kraft test line PAPER MACHINE 277 Tpd, 120-530 gsm

SM0810 - 2,700mm PAPER MACHINE, Over Meccanica  trimmed width 2,700 mm for Tissue and MG Papers

SM2024 - PAPER MACHINE, 2.750 mm MG papers, Grease proof papers; 30 TPD

SM0771 - 2,750mm TISSUE MACHINE, NEW Hygenic tissue paper machine - “C” - former - 2,750mm trim

SM0458 - 2,800mmTISSUE MACHINECrescent Former  - PROJECT

SM0712 - 2,800mm TISSUE MACHINE 2,800mm trim; 17-50GSM; 20TPD Beloit; including  twin layer rewinder

SM0822 - 2,860mm PAPER MACHINE   2,860mm trim 2560 mm, twin wire, 150TPD Linerboard (Test-liner) 100 – 200 gsm & common stock preparation system (PM2 and PM3)

SM0719 - 2,950mm PAPER MACHINE 2950 mm; Tampella Carcano 80-235 GSM printing writing, test liner & kraft paper

SM2105 - 3,00mm PAPER MACHINE 180m/min, 16 tpd, 20/40gsm, cigarette paper

SM0685 - 3,000mm PAPER MACHINE, 3M, 650 M/min, 50-170gsm, writing printing and brown paper,  including  slitter rewinder

SM2131 - 3,048mm KRAFTPAPER MACHINE, Beloit, 14-120gsm, 630 M/min 

SM2315 - 3,100mm, Extensible Paper machine, kraft, liner, 110-305gsm, clupak 90-100gsm, 300M/min

SM0795 - 3,100mm TISSUE MACHINE, Over 18gsm - 20gsm Dry Crepe and 38-54gsm Wet Crepe

SM0790 3,120mm TISSUE MACHINE “C” former with Valmet “Periformer” design speed 1200mm at 16-28GSM

SM0963 - 3,200mm, PAPER MACHINE , 140m/min, 100Tpd, 200-650gsm, packaging grades 

SM0613 - 3,200mm PAPER MACHINE  3,200mm - Speed 550m/min – 180-125gsm - Fluting, Liner and White Top Papers

SMV0708 - 3,250mm kraft test line PAPER MACHINE 250 Tpd, 100-400 gsm

SM0503 - 3,330mm TISSUE PAPER MACHINE 3.330 mm, Beloit, 1.500 m/min, 60 – 80 Tpd, 14 – 32 gsm

SM0716 - 3,400mm TISSUE MACHINE, Fampa  for Toilet Paper

SM2011 - 3,500mm Paper machine, Kraft Clupak, 50-170gsm, 330TPD


SM0892 - 3,600mm Paper machine 3,600mm (trim 3,250mm),  Voith, 180 tpd, 

SM0693 - 3,700mm PAPER MACHINE, (trim 3,340mm), EscherWyss, 130tpd, one sided coated paper. 60-140 gsm major rebuild 2006,

SM0605 - 3,700mm PAPER MACHINE , MWC, c/w stock prep, 2 calendars, off line coater & winder,

SM0966 - 3,710mm TISSUE MACHINE, 1969, Rebulit 1990, 1,300m/min 15-30gsm, (70-85) Tpd, 

SM0731 - 3,730mm PAPER MACHINE 3,730mm Allimand, speed 700m/min, 125tpd to 230tpd

SM0732 - 3,730mm PAPER MACHINE 3,730mm Allimand, speed 700m/min, 125tpd to 230tpd

SM2017 - PAPER MACHINE,  3,750 mm for graphic paper 130 TPD

SM0809 - 3,750mm PAPER MACHINE, Escherwyss, rebuilt 2007, WFC, 42-65gsm, 300tpd

SM2130 3,924mm KRAFTPAPER MACHINE, Dominion, 41-170gsm, 550 M/min 

SM0405 - 3,940mm PAPER MACHINE  NEW with Crescent Former, 25-30 Tpd+

SM0837- 4,000mm PAPER MACHINE 130 TPD, graphic papers

SM2091 - 4000 mm Paper Machine, VOITH ANDRITZ for base and Coated Paper

SM0896 - 4,700mm PAPER MACHINE, (4,400mm trim) Er-We-Pa, Futing, 90-150gsm Design speed 800m/min, ave speed 550m/min

SM0798 - 5,500mm  PAPER MACHINE , 5,500mm, 700m/min, 42-90gsm, newsprint & bulky paper

SM0364 - 6,760mm PAPER MACHINE  Beloit, Newsprint, 400 Tpd

SM2090 - 6,800mm Paper machine, Beloit, twin-wire gap former, 780m/min, 40-80gsm

SM0887: 6,880 Paper Machine,  6,880 mm trim, 1140 mpm ~ 52 gsm, 45-80GSM  500tpd

SM0965 - 6,900mm trim width, PAPER MACHINE news print.

SM2161 - 9,372MM Paper Machine, Beloit Bel Bai III, Supercalandered newsprint (SCB), 1,371m/min, 825TPD