18 MW GE Steam Turbo-Generator 

COMMISSIONED:  in 2009-10 & Capable of 50 or 60 Hz POWER  


AVAILABILITY: for Immediate delivery

TURBINE: GE Model SAC 1-10. The Turbine was commissioned in 2009/2010. It is Condensing type with extraction (up to 236 kp/hr @ 860 PSIA). 

Design data specifications: 

  • Rated (API Power) 18,932 kw, 5,500 RPM (max), 1,515 PSI @ 985°F (live steam pressure normal) 
  • Extraction steam pressure 899 PSIA 
  • Exhaust pressure normal 1.96 PSIA  

GENERATOR: ABB - synchronous Type AMS1000L. It was commissioned in 2009/2010. It generates power 3 phase, 60 Hz, 20,326 KVA, 13,800 Volt, 0.90 power factor. Exciter rated 1,800 RPM continuous with 2,160 RPM max over speed. Equipped with General Electric Simplicity controls. 

Capable of generating the power at 50 or 60 Hz by gear-set  adjustment. 

AIR COOLED CONDENSER : Manufacturer: SPX, Model: TEP 3608 

The 18 MW Turbine Condenser is cooled via an AXIAL Flow Fan Air Cooled Condenser manufactured by TECSIS TEC.SIST.AVANC, Model No. TEP 3608 with an air quantity of 877.5 cubic meters/second. 


  • Includes all operating support equipment such as pump, compressors, oil lubricating skid, heaters , etc. 
  • Turbine controls integrated into Plant Control System, Ovation (Emerson) 
  • Power Distribution Centres 
  • Various Breakers, Switchgear, and 2 mVa Variable Frequency Drives 


Maintenance and overhaul were conducted on regular intervals in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. In 2011, this turbine was disassembled, inspected, and seals were replaced and cleaned. 

Details of the overhaul records are available at the plant site.