ROBOT ARM, Mitsubish, model MELFA CR-E116


Robot Arm

  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Model: MELFA CR-E116

Robot Controller 

  • Model: CR-E116

Operator Control interface

  • Manufacturer: Mitsubihi  (1 x spare available)


  • Manufacturer: Cheeta   (1 x spare available)

Stainelss steel guarding.  

  • 1 set  (1 x spare available)

This unit was last used for the packing of GE Healthcare “ Whatman” Extraction Thimbles.

  • Location: Southern United Kingdom
  • Condition: Dismantled, ready for shipment


Mitsubishi Electric's F-Series industrial robots are equipped with technology developed and tested at its own production plants. Equipped with advanced technology and easy-to-use features, these robots are designed to facilitate automation of any production plant.

Designed for flexible automation Compact and powerful
High reliability

Vertical type

A compact 6-axis jointed robot with an optimal arm length and wider range of movement suited for complex assembly and processing tasks.
Compact body and slim arm design, allowing operating area to be expanded and load capacity increased.

Layout accommodates a wide range of applications from transport of mechanical parts to assembly of electrical parts.
Environmental resistance specifications enable application to a wide range of uses without needing to consider the installation environment. 

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