SM0266 890 KW Hydro-electric Power Turbine

SM0105 - 1200 KW Escher Wyss RG 800 Steam Turbine

SM0145 - 4 MW Turbo gas + 1 MW Steam Turbine

SM0269 - 4 MW Siemens 4 MW Steam Turbine

SM0492 - 10 MW Gas Turbine Power Generation Package10 mw Thomassen Frame 3 (Model FS 3002J)

SM0696 - 24MW Gas Turbines 24MW (x4) used and complete gas power plants with GE Frame 5 gas fired turbines

SM0700 - 24 MW Gas Turbine generator; manufactured by Thomassen BV under licensee of General Electric

SM0694 - 37.8MW GAS TURBINE FIAT AVIO(Westinghouse license)TG20.B7.8U  (N°2) 37.8MW, natura lgas

SM0491 - 123MW GE Type E Gas Turbine Never installed Type PG 9171E Output GT 123 MW ISO dual fuel ; Natural Gas & Diesel No 2