High Consistency Pulper



Sample Technical Specification - 20 m3 

Effective Slushing Volume             : 20 M3

Net Volume of Vat                         : 22 M3

Furnish                                         : Mixed office waste .

Slushing Consistency                   : 15- 18 %

Slushing temp                              : 60- 70 deg C ( Preferred )

Drive Motor Recommended         : 140 KwX 960 rpm 

Type of Drive                                : Belt Drive

Pulpers Vat                                  : SS304 Complete –  10mm thk

Drive and Driven Pulleys              : Included

Capacity                                     : 4 - 50 m3

Scope of Supply :-

• Pulper Tab fabricated in SS 304 completely welded with smooth finished surface.   The vat shall be  with 3 nos of MS Supports for RCC pedestals . The vat shall be complete with nozzles for stock discharge.  

• Rotor : HD Screw rotor having  three of equi spaced cast fabricated  Helical flights 18-20 mm thick in SS304 casting. The cutting edges of the flights are duly hardened for high wear resistant properties. The rotor is dynamically balanced Rotor base plate of SS304 with bottom scraping vanes duly machined .

• Bearing Housing assembly complete with heavy duty anti-friction roller bearings Koyo Make with 

thrust bearing , EN -9 shaft and deflector .

Shaft with assy
shaft assy parts

Typical layout with poire & Thickener

Pulper system drawing

Typical Layout with Conveyor