The poires are made in S.S.304 , 8mm thick plate & base in M.S .The poire has the function to keep clean a continuous pulper. The pulp from above the screen plate of the pulper is taken into the poire . The accepts through the 12mm diameter hole  screen plate taken as feed forward. After a pre-determined time, the valve, which draws flow from the pulper is closed , wash water is introduced in order to recover the fibre. After this rejects are purged out through the light reject to a drum thickener and the accept of which as usual is taken back to the pulper vat thus ensuring zero fibre loss. Subsequently, heavy rejects are discharged  from the bottom.


Poire 3m3.

Technical Specification:

Vat Size : 1,800MM dia X 1,450MM Length

Rate Volume : 3m3 

Motor Rating : 90/1440HP/rpm 

Rotor Speed : 300rpm 

Operating Consistency : 3.0-4.0% 

Impeller dia : 1,500mm 

Screen Plate Perforation : 6- 8mm ( As per requirement )

Drive: V Belt

Material of Construction and Scope of supply:

  • ▪ Body Fabricated out of SS-304, 8mm plate with stock inlet Nozzle for connection to Pulper reject line, Reject Discharge Nozzle, Air Vent connection and Inspection window with cover.
  • ▪  SS-304 fabricated Extraction Chamber with Outlet connection.
  • ▪  Supporting structure and base frame of MS.
  • ▪  EN-8 Shaft with SS -304 Sleeve.
    ▪Stuffing Box with gland packing, Labyrinth ring.
  • ▪ Cast SS-304 Impellor.
  • ▪ CI Bearings housing.
  • ▪ FAG antifriction bearings.
  • ▪ CI Drive & Driven Pulley. ▪Foundation Bolts & Belts.
  • ▪ Motor & Motor Base Frame. ▪ Motor 90 HP , 1440 RPM 
  • • Drive and driven pulper pulleysPoire (4 m3 ) : 1no.

Typical 3m3 poire example

Motor                                   : 120 HP X 1440 RPM

Pneumatic Valves                 :  included in our scope of supply   

PLC with pneumatic Panel   : included in our scope of supply.   –1 No.

SS PIPE LINE COMPLETE   : All Pipe line will be in SS 304  

Erection Commissioning :

We supply Project Manager and technicians. 

All lodging & Boarding will be in client's Account .

All the equipment & consumables will be Supplied by the client.