Take the dragon out of your paper machine ! 

Saxon Carrier Rope is the ideal solution for your machine. 

  • With our special imprenation and the strictly specified raw materials use in the manufacture of our products we ensure a longer rope life.
  • We ensure the least rope elongation in wet or dry conditions through our carefully controlled pre-stretching process.
  • Saxon ropes are reccomended for machine speeds of up to 1,200m/min.
  • Our ropes have the highest protection against colour washout with both water and chemicals.
  • And because of this we promote better security as a result of our highly resistant rope colours.
  • We offer both single rope, which is rated at up to 140gsm,  and double rope with a central core, which is rated at up to 350gsm.

Contact us today for an analysis of you current carrier rope issues and how to increase the life and lower the costs of carrier rope.