10 in current production

Typical Technical Specifications

  • Diameter :      up to 1,500mm diameter
  • Speed:            750 mph
  • greammages: 110 - 220 gsm
  • Nip pressure : 300 kg


NIP LOAD 350KN/M (Size:- dia 1500mm x 4400 mm face)with operating speed 750mpm

  • Shell Material :- M.S Steel Cast / CI
  • Shell thickness :- 120 – 130 mm
  • Covering :- BDL (Blind drill)
  • Lining Thickness:- 25 mm
  • Journal diameter- 360 mm
  • Bearing No:- 23272K
  • Make:- FAG (would be given with certificate )
  • The press Top & Bottom roll is made out of M.S Steel cast pipe/ CI Pipe having shell thickness 120 -130 mm. The Steel cast Shell is machined from inside as well
  • The Top & Bottom press roll is equipped with FAG roller bearings having No. 23272 k inserted into water tight bearing . The Top & Bottom roll will be dynamically balanced at the 1000 MPM. The roll will be BDL coated & Bearing Housing will be steel cast . Roll is provided with rotory joint for cooling the shell inside . 

Felt Rolls for Press Section:- 13 Nos

  • O.D. :- 340 mm.
  • Face Length :- 4400 mm.
  • Bearing No.:- 22318 K FAG
  • Type of Coating :- Ebonite Coating
  • Shell Thickness :- 18 mm.
  • Shell Material:- MS Seamless Pipe
  • Shaft & Journal:- EN-8

Material of Construction:-

The Press Felt roll shell is made out of prime quality seamless pipe  having shell thickness 18 mm and CI GUJJAN . The end journals of EN-8 with CI GUJJAN are press fitted with the  shell. The press felt roll is completely assembled, dynamically balanced  and precision ally machined/Ground for operating speed of 500 meters/min. The felt roll is equipped with FAG bearings having no. 22318 K inserted into water tight bearing housing of cast iron with C.I. laybrinth.

Auto Guide:- Qty 2 No

  • Type :- Pneumatic operated type. Auto Guide will be operated by Pneumatic Cylinder The palm and sensor elements shall be ceramics coated .. 

Paper Transfer Roll:- Qty 1 No

  • Size:- dia 168 mm x 4400 mm face length

The paper transfer roll is manufactured out of M.S. pipe having  shell thickness 12 mm fitted with end journals of EN-8, Machined accurately, dynamically balanced and assembled with roller bearings including C.I. bearing housings. The outer surface of the paper transfer 

roll is covered with chrome plating having thickness 100 microns. 

Uhle Box:- Qty 2 Nos

  • Slot width :- 12 mm
  • Manufactured out of S.S 304 tube, machined suitably and equipped with single slot equipped with ceramic top .
  • Necessary holder device is provided including connection for vacuum. The Pipe Size shall be 8" N.B.

Felt Stretcher (Manual):- Qty 2 Nos

  • Stretcher made in S.S.304 ,4” dia pipe with bronze gear & worm shaft with C.I Gear box body . 
  • Stretcher spindle made in S.S 304 , 40 dia shaft with Gun metal nut and C.I Wheel 

High Pressure Oscillating Shower :- Qty 2 Nos

The Shower is oscillating shower. The oscillating is done by geared motor and variable speed drive to be provided by the customer.

  • Type :- Oscillating Type.
  • Type of Shower :- Needle Jet.
  • Needle Size :- 1.0 mm.
  • Nozzle Spacing :- 150 mm
  • Stroke length :- 300 mm
  • Pipe :- 2" N.B. S.S. -304.
  • Operating Pressure :- 20-22 Bar

The oscillating shower shall be complete with holding brackets and movable roller bracket etc. 

Lubricating Shower:- Qty 2 Nos

  • Type :- Stationary.
  • Type of Shower :- Fish Tail.
  • Nozzle Opening :- 2.5 mm
  • Nozzle Spacing :- 150 mm
  • Pipe :- 2" N.B. S.S. -304.
  • Operating Pressure :- 5-6 Bar

The stationary low pressure shower is fixed with brackets on both the sides and it has provision to adjust it in the angular direction. 

Save all Trays:- Qty 2 Nos

Made out of fabricated stainless Steel S.S.-304 for collection and discharge of white water from Press Bottom Rolls with necessary supports etc.

Press Frames :- H Type Complete

Complete press frame will be fabricated from MS 16,20,25,30 & 50 mm thick plate. Lever will be fabricated from MS 25mm thick plate with G.M .Bush Fitting & S.S Pin . Complete framing fabrication machining & Drilling Tapping as per our design . With 1.8mm stainless steel 304 cladding.

Sole Plate for Press Section:- Complete

Size of Sole Plate:- 400 mm w x 75 mm thick x 1500 mm lg.The Sole plates are made out of cast iron construction and are rectangular in construction and precisionally machined on all the Surfaces and having 4 no .of jack tapping.

Walk Ways and Plate forms:- Complete

Plate forms, Walk ways & Ladders are included in our scope ofsupply & same shall be fabricated out of M.S. Angle iron, channel & Flat. The railing shall be fabricated out of 'A' class pipe and shallbe epoxy painted.

Hydraulic Cylinder Loading & Control System with Common 

Control Panel: Complete

Hydraulic cylinders of suitable capacity with flow and pressure control system for individual cylinders will be provided on a common operation desk for easy & safe operation of press part and it's felt run. The Hydraulic Power Pack is also included in our scope of supply ,