SAXON PLASTICS RECYCLING offers the ideal solution to PET recycling via an innovative PET bottle recycling line, a series of state-of-the-art size reduction, washing, drying, and separation equipment. Depending on your required capacity, our standard PET recycling lines have outputs starting at 500kg/h to larger 2000kg/h. We're proud to supply machinery designed and manufactured with usability, durability, efficiency, and safety in mind. Unlike most budget manufacturers who offer PET washing lines are unreliable, Saxon Machinery has a reputation for durability as we use only the highest quality materials and parts. Whenproperly maintained, our PET bottle washing lines will give trouble free operation for many years.

PET recyling flow chart

Customer service has always been a priority for us.  Starting from the initial contact, to the discussion of washing line specifications, to actual implementation of your PET washing plant, to servicing parts years afterwards, SAXON PLASTIC RECYCLING will remain as your relied on technology partner every step of the way.

Wether you're interested in our standard PET bottle washing line or larger capacity, custom built washing lines with or without pelletizing equipment, our group of experienced engineers will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Parts and Functions of PE Granules Production line:

a: Belt Conveyor

Conveying  clean PE film flakes into agglomerator.

b: Agglomerator

Compacting machine, Dual function with extruder, high speed rotating and pre-granulating PE film, for easy plasticizing.

c: Extruder

Single screw, high speed rotating, low consumption, excellent plasticizing.

d: Hydraulic filter changer

Continuous operation, high efficiency.

e: Die face cutting system

Water cutting type, hot cutting.

f: Down spouting

Cooling of the cut graules, recyclable.

g: Centrifugal drier

De-watering to remove moisture from the wet granules.

h: Vibration screen

Separation of large granules for re-granulation.

i: Air loading system

Conveys the PE granules to storage and removes the rest moisture by air.

j: Storage hopper

Storaging recycled and reworked final product: PE granules

Waste Plastic Recycling Machine