As for PET post-consumer bottles, recycling of HDPE and PP bottles, containers and thermoforms is becoming particularly interesting and represents another important section of the recycling market. A wide variety of final products and applications may derive, with interesting and remunerable financial returns on investment for recycling companies. As in the case of PET, the quality and conditions of collected HDPE and PP wastes vary significantly from country to country, but also within the same country. In many cases, the quality of the collected material can be very low. It is necessary for HDPE-PP recycling technologies to be continuously updated and technical solutions must be provided to correctly process the most difficult and contaminated materials while reaching the best final quality. SOREMA‘s worldwide experience in the field of recycling is a guarantee of its capability of providing its customers with customized and accurate technical solutions with the state-of-the art recycling technologies. We are prepared to correctly respond in every moment to the ever-changing needs and conditions of our customers and of the market. For specific projects, SAXON MACHINERY PLASTICS can offer turn-key solutions and give its customer full-optional engineering services including, for instance, waste water treatment.