The Saxon rewinder

  • High-speed Rewinder
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Product Summarize

The High-speed Rewinder, which is designed and manufactured on the basis of introducing Metso’s manufacturing technology,has a full set of drawings and manufacturing processes in accordance with Metso’s standard and is awarded manufacturing license by Metso. The main components such as cutter and spread roll systems are imported while machine parts are all made by highprecision NC machining equipment. Its sophisticated material and advanced control method ensure the stability and reliability of products, and it is applicable to the rewinding of culture paper, newsprint paper, LWC and board paper. The machine passed the Provincial Appraisal of the New Products and was identified as "State-level Important New Product". With international advanced technical performance, it can substitute for imported products.

Technical Advantages

■ Designed and produced precisely, so it can run stably and efficiently at high speed; good reliability and easy to run;

■ The optimum design minimizes assisted time and brings high-efficiency rewinding;

■ Have advanced automation features, such as automatic web threading, automatic set changing, automatic core feeding and gluing, automatic web holding, roll ejecting and web cutting etc;

■ Nip-load of rider roll is in closed-loop control, so it goes as pre-designed pressure curve to ensure set quality;

■ Web tension is in closed-loop control and torque of the two drums achieves auto-control, thus tightness both within and outside the paper roll is uniform;

■ Have strong and perfect security functions, including various mechanical protection, interlock protection and photoelectricity protection so as to ensure that operators and equipments are safe.

Main Parameters

Trimmed Width: 2640~7600 mm

Operating Speed: 1500~2500m/min