The Saxon pulp drier

  • Double Wire Air Borne Drying Pulp Machine

Product Summary

This Double Wire Air Borne Drying Pulp Machine is specialised equipment for producing commercial pulp and may be used to produce dry pulp sheet with Wood Pulp, Bamboo Pulp, Straw Pulp, Sugarcane Pulp, Kenaf Pulp,Hemp Pulp and Cotton Pulp as its raw materials.
The principal machine components are: Consistency Headbox, Double Wire Forming Section, Big-dia. Roll Press Section and Hot Air Dryer. 

Technical Advantages

■ Use high consistency headbox to improve pulp approach consistency and lower power consumption in pulp delivery;

■ In double wire forming section, reduce or cancel vacuum dewatering parts to reduce power consumption and extend the life service of the wire, also to improve the pulp sheet dryness out of the wire section;

■ Use of large-diameter rolls improves the pulp sheet dryness out of the press section and reduces steam consumption;

■ Dry pulp sheet with hot air, thus there is no hornification and the surface of the pulp sheet can not easily turn yellow so as to improve the quality of pulp sheet;

■ Hot air is circulated in closed equipment to increase the utilizing rate and the steam consumption is reduced by 35%;

■ Uses hot air to dry and hold the pulp sheet, thus the tension is low and the pulp sheet is dried and shrunk evenly so that it is not easily broken;

■ Easily maintained and low maintenance cost;

■ Air cooling chamber which lowers the pulp sheet temperature out of the dryer section brings long-term storage of pulp sheet;

■ The area occupied by equipment is reduced by 35% and building area is reduced by 60%, thus the civil engineering investment is lowered.

Main Parameters

Trimmed Width: 2400~6600 mm

Operating Speed: 50~250 m/min

Basis Weight: 600~1200 g/m2