The saxon blade coater

  • Injection Blade Coater

Product Summary

The Injection Blade Coater is the world-level coated paper producing equipment. The company succeeded in designing and manufacturing Injection Blade Coating Machines, which are mainly used in producing products such as high-grade coated art paper, coated ivory board and coated white paperboard. 

Some other coating machines which are used for producing special paper, such as carbonless copy paper, thermo-sensitive paper and transfer printing paper etc can also be designed and manufactured by the company according to market requirement.

Technical Advantages

■ Achieve automatic splicing in double-working position in unwinding section, so it can unwind continuously without lowering the machine speed so maintaining production speed and reducing the consumption of base paper;

■ Injection type material loading avoids furrows caused by missed coating, uneven material loading and air bladder in coating. 
And it makes the rough base paper even and bright after being coated;

■ The Blade oscillation device helps prevent coating streaks caused by the accumulated small grains on the blade edge so as to improve the paper quality and it also prevents partial of blade wear;

■ The angle and pressure of blade can be adjusted exactly according to the quality and basis weight of base paper;

■ SCAF hot air drying system +3 D divisional hot air hood;

■Main drive and network are in automatic control in production process.

Main Parameters

Trimmed Width: 1092~4850mm

Operating Speed: 300~1200m/min

Coating Weight: 8~26g/m2 per time